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Circle City Conference Meet Results




Saturday, Aug 31st 2019


7:00 AM Athletes meet at BCHS 

9:00 AM Boys A-AA Relay

9:55 AM Girls A-AA Relay

10:45 AM Boys Reserve Races 3K (awards in chute)

11:10 AM Girls Reserve Races 3K (awards in chute)

Relay awards (Individual and Team) will be presented after the meet.

Results: Coach Jackson will post results on DirectAthletics

Teams: “A” Division – Arsenal Tech B/G , Mt. Vernon G/B, Bishop Chatard G/B, Lapel G/B, Marion G/B, Pendleton Heights G/B and Rochester G/B

“AA” Division – Avon G/B, Brownsburg G/B, Fishers B, Noblesville G/B, Huntington North B, North Central G/B, Warren Central G/B, and Greenfield Central G/B

Note: Teams may move up a class, but may not move down a class. There is one girls race and one boys race. Divisions are separated in the chute.

Location: White River Elementary Cross Country Course. This course is located one block North of Noblesville High School at 19000 Cumberland Road.

Entry Fee: $90 per boys team, $90 per girls team – payable to Noblesville High School.

Awards: For each boys and girls race: Medals for Places A-AA 1-20 Ribbons for top A-AA 7 teams. Reserve Races: Ribbons for Places 1-20 Relay awards (Individual and Team) will be presented after the meet.

Race Format: This is a six (6) mile relay. Each pair will run a total of six (6) miles. Each runner, of the pair, will run three 1600-meter segments. Partners touch hands in the exchange zone. Different routes will be used for each 1600 meters and each runner will run each route. Marshals will be stationed on the course to assist runners. Directional cones and flags will be used as well. The second runner will wear the number. Each team may run five (5) pair of runners in the Hokum Karem. The position of the fastest three (3) pair from each school will determine team scores.

Reserve Race: 3K race will be run for all other runners. There is no team scoring. Coaches should get their own times. Individual awards will be issued in the chute. There will be both a girls race and a boys race. Each race is run separately. (Change from previous years)

BOYS AND GIRLS RELAY INFORMATION Mile 1 Leadoff runner runs North Mile Mile 2 Second runner runs North Mile Mile 3 Leadoff runner runs South Mile Mile 4 Second runner runs South Mile Mile 5 Leadoff runner runs North Mile in reverse Mile 6 Second runner runs North Mile in reverse

Contact Coach Kinghorn ( with any questions


Absence Request Form

Please complete this form no later than 48 hours in advance if you have to miss practice. This is only a request--your absence is NOT excused until a coach approves it in an email to you and your parents.

i. 1 unexcused absence = 1 meet suspension

ii. 2 unexcused absences = 3 meet suspension

iii. 3 unexcused absences = Dismissal from the team


    Circle City Conference Meet